About Us

Purpose Statement

We only get one life, so make it count. When it's all said and done, have no regrets. Always; pursue with passion, fight complacency, and ignore normality. Our journey is too short to live waiting so start chasing your "Breakneck Life". 

Ready, Set, Haul Ass!

Our Mission

Founded in 2021, Breakneck Speed Company is a clothing brand for the ambitious. The individual making the most out of a fast life. Breakneck Speed Co. will be introducing clothes applicable to multiple sectors; Riding, Fitness, Running, Fishing, etc.…

By the Breakneck Boys, for the people. Built for anyone chasing The Breakneck Life. Not for the half-asser.


We believe in a no-bulls*** approach. PUPOSE built practical apparel, FAIR prices, and a PERSONABLE customer service.